SMC History

In 1999 Sam McWilliams had the vision to build an Interior Design firm that operated on the values and ethics that she practiced everyday, and is now recognized by her clients nationwide. Sam pursued that vision and built her firm, reputation and client-base one project at a time. Being a single employee/owner of the firm required working days and nights to complete all of her project tasks as promised to her clients.

In 2001, with a desire to gradually grow the business, she began to build design teams by hiring select sub-consultants who specialized in different areas of design. Teams were built and tailored for each project based on client needs and requirements. This provided clients with an affordable team of experts exclusive of paying high-end design firm fees. This allowed SMC to take on more work, and eventually market the team concept as providing a “Network of Professionals”.

In 2005, as SMC grew and workloads increased, SMC began to employ some of the sub-consultants full-time and pursued new employee opportunities by providing paid Internships and eventually hiring interns post-graduation.

One of SMC’s first hires was Keith Colamarino, Business Manager. Keith was instrumental in developing a business plan to market and grow SMC. It was a successful endeavor and in 2012, Keith joined the firm as Sam’s first Business Partner.

Today, SMC is still growing strong with several dedicated in-house designers, move managers, and a marketing manager who all share the same values, ethics, and passion that SMC was initially built on. SMC continues to use some of their loyal sub-consultants when needed, and has most recently partnered with a local architect.

Even though SMC has a large team of hard working people now, you will still find the light on in the studio long after the streetlights come on. Yep, we’re that committed.

About Us

SMC is a commercial interior design firm providing a full range of services including space planning, design, furniture planning, and move management

SMC is a COSTARS program participant and is certified as a Small Business and SDB / Women-Business Enterprise by the Pennsylvania Department of General Services.

Established in 1999 and headquartered in Beaver PA; SMC has provided design and project management services for over two million square feet of corporate office, warehouse and commercial aviation space in the Continental USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Meet The Team

Sam McWilliams

Managing Partner

Sam, and only known as Sam, opened SMC Consulting, LLC in 1999, after gaining more than 25 years of work experience in the design industry.

In 1989, prior to opening her firm, Sam was employed by Franklin Interiors in Pittsburgh, PA. She was the project team leader for large corporate projects providing commercial interior space planning, design and furniture specifications. Having previously pursued a Computer Information Systems degree, Sam acted as the CAD/MIS manager responsible for hardware and software installations, troubleshooting, purchases, upgrades, and training for Franklin’s design studio.

Before Sam became a Yins’er she was a Ya’ll’er. From 1979 to 1989 Sam lived in Woodstock, GA and was employed by Kimberly Clark Corporation in Atlanta. She was the Senior Facilities Project Coordinator supporting the Facilities Manager with budgeting, building operations, and construction management for a 99-acre campus with 6 buildings totaling over 500,000 square feet. 

Sam participates on the Beaver County Career and Technology Center Drafting and Design Advisory Committee and is highly recognized in the industry for her diverse experience, dedication and passion to the business, her outstanding work ethic, and personal attention to clients. Sam is a one-of-a-kind designer training her employees to be a one-of-a-kind team.

Sam is proud to be a recipient of the 2014 Pittsburgh Smart 50 Award. This award recognizes the top 50 executives in Pittsburgh for their ability to effectively build and lead savvy organizations. Recognition is given to the 50 leaders for their achievements in building innovative, impactful and sustainable businesses. Sam was recognized for her ‘impact’ on the industry, and her exceptional work ethic.

Sam works and plays in Beaver, PA. She is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys kayaking, biking, running, hiking, snorkeling, and skiing. Among these activities Sam’s favorite sport is skydiving. She holds only a few less than 1,000 skydives. Sam’s love for the outdoors influenced her nickname “Sam” at a young age that later became legal. Please don’t call her Samantha - it never was her real name.


Keith Colamarino


Keith Colamarino, “KC,” joined SMC in 2006 as a Project Manager after pursuing a design degree at the Pittsburgh Technical Institute. A year later Keith decided to pursue a business degree in an effort to grow and support the management side of the business.

Keith decided to partner with Sam in the Fall of 2012 serving as the Business Manager and has become part owner of SMC. Keith hopes to strengthen the efforts in growing SMC and to continue promoting excellence in the quality of the services the firm has to offer. Keith’s primary focus is managing the fiscal aspect of SMC but also specializes in marketing/advertising and move management. Keith is the “Business Guy.”

Keith serves on the BOD of PUSH Beaver County, a 501(c)6 not for profit organization aimed at promoting business throughout Beaver County. Keith also participates on the Beaver County Career and Technology Center Drafting and Design Advisory Committee.

Keith’s personable charisma has led him to create strong relationships among clients. Being the only guy among 5 women at SMC has strengthened one particular relationship with Jim B. They usually meet on Fridays …at about 5:00.

Keith settles in Brighton Township, PA with his wife Jessica and their dog, Midas. Keith is experiencing all the joys of a newlywed and in his hopes to grow the company also hopes to grow his family in the near future.


Patricia Meyers

Former Manager of Marketing and Move Management

Pat recently retired from SMC and moved to sunny Florida with her husband Dan. With sharing the love for the outdoors, living close to the golf course and beach calls for much enjoyment during this time in their lives and everyone here from the SMC team wishes them the best! Pat was an amazing attribute to the company and we will definitely miss her. As the former manager of marketing, Pat has built many great relationships with clients, and had continued to build new relationships throughout her time at SMC. If Pat happened to be your point of contact for our company, do not worry! Please feel free to reach out to any one of our staff so we can pick up where she left off. You can also always get ahold of us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

An office move is like a jigsaw puzzle. You put one piece in place at a time, until you have a finished, relocated office. – Pat.


Michelle Pizzella

Interior Designer

Michelle, commonly referred to as Mouse and Meech, joined SMC Consulting in 2011 as an Interior Designer. As a graduate of La Roche College, Mouse holds a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design as well as an Associate’s degree in Visual Communications. Mouse was presented the “Who’s Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges Award” for leadership and academic achievement and the “Interior Design Educational Achievement Award” for being an outstanding senior student. Yeah, she’s pretty sweet.

She is currently on the La Roche Interior Design Advisory Board for a 3-year term and is involved with the mentoring program as well as being a juror for student presentations. As a mentor with the IDAB, she strives to improve the quality of the interior design program through a mixture of off-campus and on-campus activities…so yeah, her sweetness continues.

Her past experiences with high-end residential design, kitchen and bath design, and graphic design drives her to be innovative and successful with any opportunity that SMC procures. Finish selections and move management is her “forte”, but she is completely open to learning new services within the company. Her creativity and passion allows her to settle for nothing but success.

Mouse enjoys being a make-up artist on the side as well as recreational shooting, camping, canoeing, and every other outdoor activity known to mouse kind. She nests in Rochester Township, PA with her husband Derek, and husky Whitey. There is never a dull moment in their household, between house renovations and dealing with the craziest dog ever who clearly has a mind of his own. But that’s her life and she wouldn’t have any other way.

Kelly Davis

Interior Designer

Strengths: Space planning, furniture planning, & project management
Weaknesses: Sushi, flannel, & cheesy-bacon-ranch anything

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in interior design from the College of Architecture and Environmental Design at Kent State University, Kelly accepted a position in the design department at a furniture dealership. She soon became the lead designer for the largest higher-ed account at the dealership. Her time there was valuable as it not only kept her up to date on the most current furniture trends but also taught her how to manage multiple projects and clients.

Kelly joined SMC in 2012 as an Interior Designer. Her experience in design includes producing AutoCad drawings including test fits, space plans, and complete drawing sets for design development, specification and layout of various types of educational, corporate, and healthcare furniture, and experience with various office systems products. She also has experience working with real estate firms to produce building standards packages and renderings for marketing brochures for prospective tenants. Kelly strives to remain proficient in the industry’s leading-edge design and rendering software, and embraces new technology as it is presented to her. Kelly is highly organized which is portrayed through her work and execution. Her personable charisma and honesty with clients helps build strong relationships for SMC.

Kelly’s is a homeowner in North Sewickley, PA where she lives with her husband, Andy, and dog, Ayda. When not designing, Kelly’s interests lead her to the outdoors, photography, and music, and commonly all 3 at one time. Life is good.

Michelle Dyrwal

Interior Designer

Michelle, affectionately known as “New Michelle” or “Michelle2”, recently joined the team at SMC in the Spring of 2014. Michelle2 graduated from West Virginia University with Summa Cum Laude honors in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. During her time at WVU, she spent a semester abroad with a focus in art history, and travelled to over 15 countries in Europe and the Mediterranean. Her experience there transformed her life, and has forever changed her into a lifelong world traveller.

Michelle brings design experience in both the residential and hospitality design fields, as well as procurement and facilities experience to SMC’s table. She can’t wait to dig into the gamut of projects already on SMC’s radar, and become a vital part of the SMC family.

While not in the design studio, Michelle enjoys fitness, cooking, entertaining, and riding on the back of her fiancé’s motorcycle. Michelle is engaged to be married in the Fall of 2015.

Jane Cosky

Administrative Assistant

Jane joined SMC in mid-2013 as our administrative assistant. After graduating from Rochester High School she joined the workforce as a bank teller, earning her own income. Her main focus, though, was to build and care for her family. Jane has been married since 1976, has two children of her own, and four grandchildren. Over the course of her career she has gained experience in numerous lines of work which help make her a great asset to SMC.

Following the arrival of her two children, Jane spent eight years as a stay at home mother. For all of you mothers out there, you know that being a stay at home mom is no easy task. Some of the tasks she performed while being a stay at home mom are, but not limited to: mentor, domestic engineer, household CEO, bank, chauffer, event planner, chef, teacher, accountant, maid, lawyer, financial advisor, barber, receptionist, judge, personal shopper, veterinarian, psychiatrist… the list goes on and on, but we think you get the point.

Now that her children are grown and on their own, she was ready to hit the workforce again. Before becoming an employee at SMC, she has had experience in the banking industry, various positions in the public school system, and helping to run her daughter’s day care. Jane is great with multitasking and loves new challenges.

Throughout her life she has gained knowledge in numerous areas and has built skills that we feel are intangible, and are a great asset to our company and image. Working as our administrative assistant, Jane feels right at home executing the laundry list of tasks that she may be asked to do at any given time. SMC is pleased to have staff like Jane and hope to continue to grow and prosper with her.

Dwayne Mihalow

Registered Architect AIA, NCARB

Sub-Consultant to SMC

Dwayne Mihalow began his pursuit of a career in architecture at Kent State University. Graduating in 1995 with a Bachelor of Architecture, his first job as an intern architect came at RSSC Architects. He gained experience as a project manager there for five years working on many municipal, church and office projects but always felt the desire to work on larger scale projects than was offered at that firm.

In 1999, he decided to begin the search for a position that would satisfy his drive for the larger scale projects. He soon landed at JSA Architects and immediately developed a reputation for being a dependable and hard working employee with a drive to accomplish big things. While at JSA, he traveled all over the east coast working on numerous big box retail projects for the May Company while studying for the Architectural Registration Exam. In 2002, he passed the A.R.E. and became a licensed architect. Still, he felt a pressing desire to fulfill his dream of working under his own firm. In 2004, he decided it was the right time and moved forward with his plan to establish Phase 3 Design Associates, Inc. naming his firm as he saw his career beginning its third and final phase. The first phase being to acquire the necessary education, second being to obtain the practical hands-on experience in architectural design, and the third and final phase was to establish his own firm and practice architecture for many years to come.

As president and sole owner of Phase 3 Design Associates, Dwayne has established himself as the go-to architect for many developers, contractors, municipal government agencies, and private clients who require their project to be delivered on time and completed within budget. He has also become known for being a very detail oriented person with a very high professional standard, which he shows in his work for each and every client for whom he works.

Dwayne begins each new project with the understanding that every client is different, but also the same. They are different by the requirements of their specific project, but the same in that they have a high expectation for results. Whether it is a new building or an addition/ renovation, in the end they want an aesthetically pleasing code compliant facility that will function well for its purpose and endure the daily abuses from which commercial buildings often suffer. Dwayne works diligently every day to give his clients exactly that.

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